圖片版權:Paramount Pictures.來源:官方網站在這裡我比較多寫看過的劇情片,但其實很多時都會看一些愛情喜劇,雖然都知道內容都是一個用糖衣包著的夢,但,有時這些甜膩膩的味道,又總可以使人樂上一陣子。

Elizabethtown 中,Orlando Bloom 飾演運動鞋設計師 Drew,辛苦了八年的新設計一敗塗地被辭退。在徘徊自殺邊緣時,得知父親又突然心臟病發逝世。在往父親家鄉辦理後事途中,遇上了Kristen Dunst 飾演的熱情空姐 Claire 。她的性格、家鄉親人的溫情,令他走出了灰暗。

這情節不禁令我想起去年看過的 Wimbeldon,一樣是惹人喜愛的 Kristen,一樣是失敗男人的救星,用愛情的滋潤把失意網球老將變成溫布頓冠軍。前作的情節比較大路,Elizabethtown 則加插了不少支線,對父子親情也著墨不少,有幾場戲也令我想起自己父親逝世前後的事。

同行的朋友說愛情線不太集中,故事比較散;我卻覺得既然以父親逝世為背景,如果鏡頭只對準男女愛情,實在又說不通。 導演 Cameron Crowe 描寫 Claire 幫忙他父親的事,陪 Drew選購骨灰盅,又為他計劃行程,造就了劇情的雙線發展。

古裝人Orlando Bloom 終於可以時裝示人了,演技中規中矩,不過總是覺得他的時裝樣子怪怪的。本來空姐每天見這麼多人,要她和乘客發展戀情,實在不太可信,但好在他與 Kristen Dunst 有化學作用,使人覺得他們是一對。片尾打出 Tom Cruise 和 Cameron Crowe 都是監製,令我想起1996年的 Jerry Maguire,腦海中不知為何突然閃過看完 Jerry Maguire 回家時,父親應門的情景。


不過,這陣子,除了此片之外,也看過「大魚奇緣」(Big Fish)「童夢奇緣」兩部談父子情的影片,受到感動,不知會不會是連鎖效應呢?

Stannum 業餘評分:棧棧棧棧棧棧棧(十個棧滿分)

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  1. Jenny says:

    this film isn’t screened in HK yet. but I listen to its soundtrack, and it seems really great!

  2. Stannum says:

    Jenny, the music in the film is great! If you look at the offical website , there are two CDs, an OST and a score CD. I have just previewed both on the webiste and they are both great! ** SPOILER ** Some songs in the OST are from the last 1/4 of the film when Drew went for a drive and Claire gave him CDs with the songs she picked for his journey. The score CD is nice too, great for driving or relaxing!

  3. Thanks for the review, will check it out when it comes out here 🙂

    “古裝人Orlando Bloom 終於可以時裝示人了,演技中規中矩,不過總是覺得他的時裝樣子怪怪的” – That’s one of the problems starring in a film that’s too famous, and he seems really short…

    I always feel a strangly charismatic aura about Kirsten Dunst, althought she’s not that little girl from “Interview with the Vampire” anymore, but she’s definitely one of the more memorable actress in the scene.

  4. 企鵝 says:

    真的不會在香港上影!? 很喜歡 claire 當年的 my so-called life,佢老左好多喇…

  5. 企鵝 says:


  6. Stannum says:

    企鵝:雖然呢齣唔係Claire Danes做,但年頭看一齣Stage Beauty,佢真係老左好多。蜘蛛女 Kristen Dunst 只有23歲,Elizabethtown 打扮有點太成熟。

  7. mad dog says:

    searched this movie on the web and found your writing. i saw it last nite on the plane, like it. but no aduio track for the last 20 mins! the scene when drew drove to see claire on his car!!! da*n! 🙁

  8. Stannum says:

    Mad Dog:那20分鐘其實最主要是音樂, 聽不到有點可惜呀!

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