Defence Mechanism

上星期寫對照,忽然想起電影 Good Will Hunting 裡面一對老同學多年後互相比較,令我印象深刻的場面。我找來 DVD ,重看了全片,卻反而給另一個課題吸引著了。

SEAN: Gerry listen to me. Listen to me. Why is he hiding? Why doesn’t he trust anybody? Because the first thing that happened to him, he was abandoned by the people who were supposed to love him most.

LAMBEAU: Oh, come on, don’t give me that Freudian crap.

SEAN: Aw, now listen, Gerry. And why does he hang out with those retarded gorillas, as you call them? Because any one of them, if he asked them to, would take a fuckin’ bat to your head, okay? That’s called loyalty.

LAMBEAU: Yeah, that’s very touching.

SEAN: And who’s he handling? He pushes people away before they have a chance to leave him. It’s a defence mechanism, all right? And for twenty years he’s been alone because of that. And if you push him right now, it’s going to be the same thing all over again, and I’m not gunna let that happen to him.

當年對 defence mechanism 這一段毫不在意,不理解,也不求甚解。但十五年後的今天,經歷過親近的人自願或非自願地離開,真是完全明白了。

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