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  1. 小肥羊 says:

    Miss this place….used to have drinks with friends in one of the pubs there after class…..

  2. Stannum says:

    小肥羊:那堆滿酒桶的地方,說不定就是你以前常去的酒吧呢!你還住在 Sydney 嗎?

  3. 新鮮人 says:


  4. Stannum says:

    新鮮人:咁重唔飛過來避暑?Where the bloody hell are you?

  5. 新鮮人 says:

    Hong Kong law!
    actaully, i really want to visit Australia again. The last time was more than 10 years ago.
    but no money no talk, too bad!

  6. Kajie says:

    The first one “禁不住”is really nice 🙂

  7. YUME says:

    沿 Oxford Street ,從 City 到 Paddington ,再到 Bondi Junction ,道路兩旁有不同的店舖,挺有趣味性的 🙂

  8. Stannum says:


    Kajie :謝謝你,拿著相機,實在會令人對週圍環境的小趣味特別敏感。

    Yume :是的,不過如果由市中心步行到 Bondi Junction ,是一段頗長的旅程呀。我只在 Paddington 的一段來回了一次。這些店舖比那些大商場有特色得多。你在 Sydney ?

  9. 小肥羊 says:

    Stannum:The pub we used to go is called “Paddington Inn”…haha…don’t know if that’s the place in your photo..

    I’m no longer living in Sydney, but would like to go back to work for a few yrs perhaps sometimes later…where abt u live? north shore?

  10. Stannum says:


  11. YUME says:

    回Stannum,對呀,我在Sydney,上次從City走到Bondi Junction,花了2個多小時,因為邊走邊看,才不覺得累:-)

  12. 小肥羊 says:

    Stannum: yes it’s at the corner, perhaps the one in your photo is the one i used to go! and the colour on the wall matches too haha!

  13. Stannum says:

    Yume :差不多有 City to Surf 長跑的三分二啦!


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